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January is National Bath Safety Month

National Bath Safety Month

Imagine after a long day of work, coming home, and drawing a hot bubble bath. Candles lit and a glass of wine in hand, you go to step into the bathtub, and everything turns to slow motion as you slip and fall, hitting your back on the side of the tub and your wine spilling everywhere. To avoid this from happening and in honor of National Bath Safety month – which occurs every January – here are some ways to stay safe in your soapy oasis.

Install non-slip mats in the bath

Bathtub Mat

Prevent slips while getting in and out of the tub by installing no-slip mats. These are offered in many decorative styles and shapes to match your personality.

Add safety handles


Place safety handles by the toilet to help those who have difficulty standing up and sitting down on the toilet. Also, install a few handles inside the shower to help prevent falls and assist with entering and exiting the bathtub.

Add lights

Night Lights

Light up the hallways and bathroom with night lights to help you find your way to the restroom in the middle of the night.

Childproof the bathroom

Kids getting into the toilet

Keep sharp razors and clippers out of the reach of children. Store medicine in a high cabinet and add a toilet lock and cabinet locks

Install a step in tub

Walk-in Tub

Convert your ordinary tub into a walk-in tub with conversion kits. Doing so will ease the pain and trouble of getting your leg up and over the side of the bathtub wall.

With slippery surfaces and sharp corners, it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to using the bathtub. Here at Do it Best, we are dedicated to preventing slips and falls for you and your loved ones. Install these safety items to make the bathroom a safe and enjoyable place for your bubbly tub time. See how Marvista Kitchen and Bathroom can help make your bathroom a safe place. Click here